Cleaning UGGS Small Coup

Cleaning method A: shoe dirty need to clean up as soon as possible, avoid the stain stay on vamp of for A long time, resulting in the vamp metamorphism, and so on and so forth, if long time don’t clean up more will increase the difficulty of cleaning.

Cleaning UGGS method B: if the UGGS are flocking leather, stained with dust, use dry cloth to wipe away the dust on the surface of the part and then use the brush to brush away the dirty, then further fine dust brush off lining.

Cleaning UGGS method C: if the UGGS is drip to oil, must use the suede to oil processing, use renovation spray to whole spray again, finally toward the same direction with the brush will velvet skin and hair straighten out.Because cloth with soft nap on the leather fur will only toward the same direction that makes the whole piece of leather look uniform and smooth.

Cleaning UGGS method D: UGGS dedicated shoe powder only used for stubborn stains.Buy a pair of light color of the UGGS, can buy the same color of the shoe powder at the same time, can be in dirty place evenly daub, then with the brush lightly brush color evenly.

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