Smile Du Chun deduce brotherhood UGG star

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Smile and Du Chun the TV for good brothers not only made together, this also participated in the micro sentiment moment UGG star together big shot, deduce a real brotherhood.Both on the screen for many years, the feelings will warm countless winter.

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“That some warm in my heart/with I think you today/you let me long heavy heart/never feel some light…”Followed by xu wei’s “warm” to travel, the scenery on the road.The journey of life, also need these bring warmth to the person of scenery.Circles good brothers smile, Du Chun for urban youth inspirational drama of ice and fire “youth” reunion, needless to say, warm heart retained brotherhood.

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Although the drama once upon his death but theater is friends for many years, Du Chun has also served as best man smile.In Du Chun 33 birthday, smile is so all of the good brothers of ridicule type “forced marriage”.”Old du always witness, for the happiness of others in the first time for me to do the best man, he told me since I attended my wedding is going to get married, this is when the six times how haven’t knot, find a good man to ‘marry’.”

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Smile with Du Chun deduce brotherhood UGG micro sentiment moment star

A while ago challenge in the celebrity circle hottest ice bucket, all four star, named smile Du Chun is first.Good brothers Du Chun also give enough smile face, with the response.

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