UGG Boots Clean

From UGG Boots became popular later, has been popular today, one in the winter, everyone was wearing UGG alley Boots girl.But in today’s serious environmental pollution, like UGG Boots shoes dirty texture are thus soon, so how to cleaning?Now we are together to learn the UGG Boots how to clean it.

1.How to clean light UGG Boots

1.1 Light color (the color of camel’s hair, gray, cream-colored, pink, sky blue, etc.) the instep, if not special besmirch, ordinary water + soft brush, natural dry instantly!Please use transparent liquid detergent, special besmirch + soft brush, natural air;

1.2 Light color boots tube, with methods such as vamp note don’t too hard when dry shoes deformation, dry to 80% of the time pay attention to finalize the design, or shoes will wrinkle oh ~, generally not the entire shoe bubble into the water washing is not so trouble, shoe brush, dry quickly.

1.3 Light color UGG Boots maomao, do methods such as white UGG Boots maomao.

2.How to clean UGG Boots

2.1 The correct cleaning method is to use clean sponge brush or soft brush thoroughly scrub the entire shoe body surface evenly.You can also use a fuzz toothbrush to help cleaning process.Once the scrub is rinsed clean shoes, can be UGG Boots put into the washing machine for a few minutes to dry to remove excess water from the Boots.

2.2 Use cold water or warm water to wet UGG Boots shoes, but don’t be soaked, is very important thing is not to use hot water washing, because that would reduce the soles of shoes of the viscous and damage leather natural scalability, triggering does sole glue and shoe body shrink.

2.3 After the washing to dry clean boots can support the use of CGM waterproof spray water resistance of strengthening boots.Once boots entirely nursing after, can use special hair care brush brush gently one direction shoe body surface, help restore natural hair natural beautiful velvet skin surface smooth texture and appearance.

2.4 UGG Boots need to place the natural air, remember not to use the dryer drying in the hot sun exposure or Boots. Please send the sole upward when dry, upside down Whole shoe, shoes will be in a day or two to dry completely, you will find that once the shoes are completely dry, shoe body shrink a little, don’t worry, this is normal phenomenon.Shoes to wear for an hour or so later, will restore former warm warm comfortable to wear, and even more important – boots clean beautiful!

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