UGG boots how clean?

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Especially popular in recent years, UGG boots, and the most outstanding in the UGG boots to the UGG.Whether do you also prepared for himself a pair of UGG in this winter?Believe many MM answer is yes.But you know UGG boots cleaning method?This boggled at the answer.So let’s take a look at UGG boots how to clean it out.

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UGG boots cleaning method:

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1, the shoe powder is used for trace has been completely get out of.Do you want to purchase and shoes shoe powder of the same color, in dirty place on a uniform, with the brush lightly brush color, note, however, shoe powder will rub off, it’s easy to get your pants, use less as well.

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2, suede, generally can’t touch water also can not be stained with oil, nursing up more troublesome, should buy special suede brush, brush on three sides, one side is fine wire, one side is the soft brush glue, the side seams is scraped out soles and uppers of dirt) and suede renovation agent to do the right maintenance.

3, if got grey suede or drops of the oil, you should use dry cloth to wipe away the dust on the surface, the surface of steel wire brush with the brush and then be dirty parts, brush the dust in the deep skin fine lines, if it is a drop in the oil to oil processing with velvet surface, and then use the suede renovation spray, whole spray again, finally with suede brush along one direction will velvet skin and hair straighten out, because the wool skin and hair only when towards the same direction to make the whole piece of leather is uniform, must be carefully cleaned.

4, once the shoes dirty should clean up as soon as possible, avoid stains caused by long time stay on the shoes vamp metamorphism, and so on and so forth, and for a long time don’t clean up will increase the difficulty of cleaning.

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